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One of the clues that something is wrong with "standard" Cosmology is that many of the supporting arguments and credibility are person based ("who says so"), rather than merit or evidence based ("how do they know").

In spite of this I have provided a set of links to leading people as well as the leading arguments for each side of the debate.

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Big Bang's Skeptical Astrophysicists


Big Bang Proponents


Good Overview Articles

Cosmology Letter signed by hundreds of scientists, engineers and independent researchers stating Big Bang models depend upon many things which have never been observed including Inflation, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy.

Rejecting Nobel Class Articles and Discoveries, by Juan Miguel Campanario

Good Overview Articles

Wikipedia Big Bang Overview

Talk Origins Archive - Evidence for Big Bang

Science Based Cosmology Groups

International Astronomical Union's Cosmology Commission

Alternative Cosmology Group

Fun Astronomy Web sites

Deep by Tony Darnel Featuring articles including "How to avoid Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Sickness" and "Cosmology for Cosmetologists."

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