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Crisis in Cosmology Conference 2008 Participants, from around the world (e.g. Russia, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Mexico, England, Germany and the US), held in beautiful Port Angeles, Washington - across the strait from Vancouver Island

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(Nov 16, 2010) MIRA (Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy) will hold their fabulous annual Holiday Party on December 12. During the fest/feast ! they are excited about me providing a 15-20 minute presentation titled "Ground Rules for Cosmological Physics." Come and join us.

(Spring 2010) Click here to read my conference astrophysics paper  "Ground Rules for Cosmological Physics", or to read the definitive version of -- "Ground Rules for Cosmological Physics" you can buy it by clicking here, for a nominal sum at Astronomical Society of the Pacific (and provide support for a most laudable organization).

The ASP site has links to all the other papers (some are groundbreaking) from the conference.

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(May 20, 2008) Intergalactic space, outside galaxies, contains about half of all normal matter. "Hubble Survey Finds Missing Matter, Probes Intergalactic Web" (Astrophysical Journal)

(dd): This is stunning news for cosmology. It significantly weakens the foundations for Big Bang's two strongest lines of indirect supporting evidence: Redshift and CMR. This dramatic increase in the matter between galaxies means the light/radiation from distant sources (that we use to measure redshift and CMR) transiting intergalactic space is interacting with magnitudes more matter than in previous calculations.

Redshift: It means that light from individual photons millions and billions of light years away has had to undergo magnitudes more interactions with intergalactic gas, dust and plasma and thus is far more likely than previously appreciated to have lost energy in the billions of transmissions. The more interactions the more likely that redshift does not mean our universe is expanding.
CMR: It means that microwave radiation is more likely ordinary foreground radiation from intergalactic gas, dust and plasma and not "background."